Pilots from 30 Countries around the world will be competing on four World-Class Courses, and six separate racing events all day, every day.

$200K total cash, prizes and trophies across multiple categories on both physical and online racing courses. With 8 big events, international food, entertainment, it’ll be a true olympic village style experience.


Ever heard of the movie Jurassic Park? Or perhaps Godzilla? Drone Worlds is being held in the famous Kualoa Ranch, except this time, no dinosaurs, just drones.


Championship Racing

The championship races will start on Thurs October 20th, and will all feed into the Grand Championships on Saturday. Official Qualifier races will be the 250 Class, Team (Country Races) and any of the other races (Wing, Extreme FreeStyle, etc) that produce a Finalist grouping. The championships for these races will also be held on Saturday.


The Aloha Cup

The Aloha FPV Cup is the last Official Qualifier Event of the World Drone Racing Championship Tour across 30 Countries. It’s your last chance to qualify for the 250 Class Individual race. It will be held a couple days before the championship main rounds start, and the top ten winning pilots will advance into the Championship mains.


Extreme FreeStyle

The Extreme FreeStyle event will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and will be a mix of natural and made obstacles that you can use to impress the judges. This event is a mixture of pre-qualified pilots from countries that want to send a freestyle representative and pilots who want to qualify in Hawaii.

Mini Smakdown

They might be small, but they pack a punch! The Mini Smakdown championships will be a smaller course with up close spectator seating. Mini quads with 210mm and under can compete in this event. The course will be a mixture of high speed and agility. The finalist group will then compete for the Championship on Saturday.

Please note this course is open all week and available to first come first served racing. This is a bit more flexible to accommodate your other scheduled races.

Online World Championships (Full Throttle)

When you’re not racing in any of the other events, head over to the “Pilot Temple” in the Racing Village and go head to head with the rest of the world in the Online World Championships aka “Full Throttle.” We’re recreating the entire Kualoa Ranch racing village and courses so the online version is exactly the same as the real courses, but watch out for the occasional Dinosaur or Hawaiian Warrior..

The Online World Championships is included in all pilot packages and the top pilot will be crowned champion during the Saturday Championship racing day.


RULR is a classic “King of the Hill” leaderboard shootout, and runs all day, everyday. Competing in RULR is easy, just walk up and fly as many times as you like (first come first served basis.) At the end of each day, the top pilot with the fastest time on the boards will advance to the final round, with the Final Five competing in a head-to-head death match on Saturday.

Cliff Surfing Invitational

Drone Cliff Surfing was invented at Kualoa Ranch and this invitational is the next step up in the high adrenalin event. A small group of extremely talented pilots will be invited to participate in the ultimate Cliff Surfing challenge that will involve flying down jagged cliff faces, rugged terrain and maybe even a full scale helicopter ride to get dropped into the location.