What we are doing here?

  This project aims at developing a free software tool to upload 4.02 firmware to Naza-m lite controller. Currently produced Naza-m lite and Naza-m v2 main controllers have absolutely identical hardware, but different firmware.



    What about new 4.04 firmware?

  We are able to upgrade Naza-m lite to 4.04 firmware. Unfortunately, the new firmware checks the serial number of the controller and blocks motors. Solution will be hard to find, but we still working on it. Thanks for your help!

       What is the problem?

   The issue is that dji has locked Naza-m lite bootloader so that you cannot simply use v2 assistant to upgrade firmware. We have conducted substantial research to be able to unlock firmware upgrade feature. So far we have successfully uploaded the lastest Naza-m v2 firmware (version 4.02) into Naza-m lite controller and have made inflight tests of additional dji equipment, such as iOSD and 2.4Ghz datalink.


      Why do I need to upgrade?

   After you upgrade you receive a fully functional Naza v2 controller:
» Better inflight algoritms - takeoff, landing, GPS position and altitude hold
» Octacopters support
» Ability to connect CAN-bus devices such as iOSD, zenmuse gimbal etc (using v2 pmu module)
» Autonomous waypoint flight from groundstation with dji datalink modem
» All other features that Naza-m v2 have

Can you show some results?




Here is short video showing Naza-m lite upgraded to 4.02 firmware waypoints flying from groundstation:

      How to upgrade?

   All upgrade is made through a standard Naza USB connection.
With support of R/C community we created simple and free software that allows any user to upgrade firmware in few clicks.

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   Note! This is not official firmware upgrade tool, so any use of this Software is at Your own risk. If you like features of new firmware, please buy original Naza-m v2 controller.

 Version 1.0.1 (Windows XP/7/8): download (16.5 Mb)

   Upgrade tool use 80 port and modify hosts file to create local upgrade server on your PC, some antivirus and firewall will block it. So if you have problem with upgrade, try to disable antivirus/firewall and shut down all programs that can use 80 port (such as webservers, Skype etc).

   You can ask any questions about the upgrade in this forum thread.



   Here is upgrade process video from first tester of utility:



       How to downgrade to original Naza-m lite firmware?

    To downgrade back to 1.00 lite firmware, you need to connect F1 and F2 ports with any servo cable, connect to USB and power on your Naza, start Naza LITE Assistant, go to upgrade page and confirm upgrading to 1.00. After upgrade disconnect F1 and F2 connection, power cycle your Naza. Now you have default Naza-m lite firmware.



     Can I upgrade lite firmware from v2 Assistant?

  No! If you upgrade Naza-m lite firmware from v2 Assistant (2.20 or any other version), your controller will stop functioning and your PC will not recognize it through USB connection. To recover controller, you need to downgrade firmware to 1.00 in safe mode, like as described above.

     Thank you for attention!