Tilting arms mechanism and electronics: aluminum pulleys, PUR timing belt with steel wires and 14 gr, 2.6 kg torque, metal gear servo motor

Dynamic tilting arms system implemented in Cleanflight

Tilting system calibration and setup via Cleanflight configurator

Motor-to-motor distance: 330 mm

Accepts any motors with up to 16×19 mm attachment points

Battery tray system that avoids balancing the quadcopter every time you change the battery, even if they are of different weight

Over 370 square centimeters to place your gear and battery, the largest real estate in the market compared with even bigger multirotors sizes

Several 3D printing files available on Thingiverse from end of May 2015 (user: The_Tilt_Drone_Racer)

Download the released 3D printing files and print spares on your own printer or 3D printing hub

Most 3D printed and CNC parts are cross-compatible with the different versions

Power Distribution Board (PDB) rated at 120 A continuous current and 6S capable (optional)

Protective and aerodynamic canopy for that racing look you want (optional)






                             Fast and furious


TILT, a new generation of mini quadcopter racers: they are FAST, they are FURIOUS. Equipped with a dynamic tilting arms system governed by the flight controller: greater acceleration and speed, improved aerodynamics and best camera view in the market at fast forward speed.


We are a product development company based in Stockholm, Sweden, which develops innovative multirotor products pushing the limits of today’s technology and materials.





>110 km/h


0-100 km/h

3.7 s



8+ min



800 gr



1100 W