CarPark Fpv racing Club / Greece


The Greek FPVracingclub practacing in an underground parking lot.

IniMini H 180

And Finally I also got a 180 frame :D. I do have to say that I was sceptic in the beginning going smaller size as I was already on 210-250 frames lately. But I do have to say this is totally fun. You can go to those places where it's all a bit more tight and close. This will push freestyle to the next level I guess.

Aerial Sports League - FPV Drone Racing - 60 fps




Over 80 pilots showed up to compete in the second event of the Aerial Sports League 2015 season.




First time for the UK championships at the BMFA Nationals and what fantastic addition it was. These Quad pilots are super skilled in getting their quads around this tight course in ~24 seconds.


FPV Mini Quadcopter Drone Racing Track Scouting





Overview of the the FunCity GoKart FPV Racing Venue that Melbourne Multirotor Racing Club organised. This was a very small and tight track but still very flowing and the guys loved it.

FRIL - FPV Racing Event Israel



Huge thanks goes out to all the people and pilots that made this event an amazing experience for both the management team and participants.

FPV RACE BEXBACH Germanys first legit FPV RACE



Our first FPV Race in Germany! Over 30 Pilots from Germany, Swiss, Netherland, (Metalldanny & Friends) 3 TV Stations joined in (Pro 7, NDR & Welt24) Thanks to all the Sponsors & Spectators we collected 1400,- for Childrens Aid! Next Event is planed in the last Weekend of August! 2015

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Drone Racing Wants to Be the Formula One of the Sky

A company called Drone Racing League is working hard to get drone racing off the ground (pardon the pun) and into the public eye.


$200K total cash, prizes


2016 DRONE WORLDS | OCT 17 ~ 22, 2016

CHAMPIONSHIP RACES | OCT 20, 21, 22, 2016
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