A small device that sits between your video antenna and receiver to increase your video quality so that you can fly with less static and better video.

Since the beginning of FPV and Drone technology, intermittent dropouts and range limitations have been issues we’ve all had to live with. Celestial Reach has now solved the problem. By enhancing the radio signal your video receiver sees, you experience greater range and less bursts of static/noise.

Over the past three years we’ve worked to adapt orbital satellite technology for use with FPV/Drone video. The result of that work is ClearBoost. We have created a device to revolutionize analog video telemetry.


   Here’s the idea

When flying First Person View or receiving video telemetry from your Drone or UAS there are inevitable dropouts/signal quality issues – as you fly further away the quality of the image exponentially degrades.


Traditionally to solve these problems you could use a directional antenna on your receiver, and/or use a higher power transmitter. Directional antennas limit where you can fly, as you need to stay within its beam width – or require the use of expensive antenna tracking solutions. Higher power transmitters are not always an option – legal requirements, power consumption, weight,  heat and space can all rule out a high power transmitter.

ClearBoost sits between any antenna, and your existing receiver. When connected to power (it needs less than 20mA!) it amplifies the signal received by your antenna, and feeds it to the receiver. You get about the same performance gain as a high gain directional antenna without the flight restrictions.
















For pilots in countries that require the use of a 25mW or less certified transmitter module, ClearBoost gives you the same RF Link Budget (total combined signal strength of your antennas, receiver sensitivity, and transmitter power) as using a 600mW video transmitter without it. If you live in Europe, or fly at racing events in the USA or Canada – then ClearBoost offers you a clear advantage by giving you far more signal.

Whether you are FPV racing, on a film set, or surveying a farm, ClearBoost will give you more reliable video and give you more freedom in flight.