There can be no doubt 180 / 250 / 280 size FPV quads are on trend, What caught my eye from in the new offering from Align was the lost model finder. That’s quite clever it must be using the smartphones GPS and mapping bluetooth RSSI or direction finding with the compass or both. I do similar for our animal tracking using a laptop.


















On the odd times mother earth has jumped up to reclaim my racers it has amazed me how hard the tiny things are to find.

As with many things its the little details that matter. It has a built in OSD and comes in two versions one with flat arms and the M25P with angled.












Am I allowed to say it I wonder… The cover looks a little pedestrian.







Are you ready for quad racing?
To meet all your expectation, we are so excited to announce that this breakthrough innovation – MR25 Racing Quad is about to be released.

With all the top and modern Elec technology, the MR25 is equipped with 7 in one: Flight Controller system, utilizes a 32 bits high speed processor that results in a highly stable and reliable performance.

Providing the most effective way of system and camera setting adjustment via APP iOS & Android system, as well as with Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility featuring low power long distance high speed transmission.

The ideal Tilt angle camera provide instant tilting compensation in high speed flight.

The mainly structure is uniquely designed with adjustable motor tilt angle offering flexible compensation, and customizable 256 LED colors through APP. Superb lightweight and anti-collision frame design is also capable of 3D flips by moving aileron/elevator stick to the end. This is the one you definitely need, come and take a look!